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From the beginning…

Günter Bauer grew up within the transport sphere in his parents’ firm. It was there that he also acquired his experience in national and international goods traffic. In 1995 he finally founded his own enterprise. Since then it has been our great concern to offer our customers more than »simple transportation from A to B«.

Our central order processing department and our own personnel on the spot guarantee optimum communication and the greatest possible flexibility. Through our customer-orientated network of firms we provide custom-made transport and logistics solutions for our partners and customers. The high expectations and wishes of our customers, as well as punctuality, reliability and meeting deadlines always have our highest priority. The numerous business relationships over many years with renowned enterprises at home and abroad are confirmation of our methods. Each of us has the daily motivation to repeatedly give of our best.

Business founding with 10 workers and 5 vehicles.

Locations set up in Vienna and Klagenfurt.

The number of personnel exceeds the 100 mark. Growth of the business and correlated need for space requires the change of location to the building in Siezenheim near Salzburg.   

Daughter Caroline Bauer (now Caroline Lanschützer) has already worked for several years (during her training period) in her parent’s firm, and following two years of activity at another transport firm took over the spheres of bookkeeping/payroll accounting with us.

The first transportation of glass is carried out. The highly sensitive goods requires excellently trained and circumspect personnel and special equipment.

The partnership with FedEX is sealed. New ground is again broken with entry into the parcel dispatch sphere. This requires comprehensive new investments in technical equipment (GPS, own EDP solution with scanner and parcel monitoring) and vehicle fleet.

A location in Verona (Italy) is founded.

A location is opened in Innsbruck to deliver throughout Tyrol, South Tyrol and Vorarlberg.

A new location in Linz is opened to provide parcel delivery in Upper Austria.

Foundation of the partnership with GO!. A location in Bregenz is founded to open up the whole west of Austria.